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You are excited about Human Design, and rightly so.

All of a sudden so many things are making sense.  

So much insight!



 As a Reflector, you are a seer, able to see and perceive the world around you and reflect it back to others. You are a truth teller, showing the other types how well and healthy their environment is at any given time.

You learned that you have a strategy (how you interact with stimulus from the outside and how you use your energy) for a Reflector it is to wait a full lunar cycle, (28 days) before taking action. 

And, by following this practice, you will be moving your energy in a way that will result in less resistance and more joy.

But you also know that your plate is full and with all that you need to juggle within the course of a day, it might not be easy to remember to become an active participant in the Human Design Process.


How are you going to remember to wait 28 days to respond/take action when your natural instincts are to move forward? 


Daily Rituals For Reflectors


With content that reinforces the attributes of your type and reminds you of your strategy, Daily Rituals for Reflectors has the perfect prompts, inspirational quotes and affirmations specifically chosen to guide you to your highest expression.

If you want the perfect accompaniment to your Human Design practice, grab the rituals below!


What people are saying:

“I LOVE my Daily Rituals Guide!  Especially the affirmations.  They help me feel so empowered and remind me every day where to keep my focus.

Thank you Lynne, this is an absolute gem of a product!  

I even printed it out and will be keeping it on my desk, together with my daily planner to maximize joy and success this year."

Desiree - Heartbreak Recovery & Lifestyle Author and Coach

“As a Manifesting Generator I am all over the place at times.  This Ritual Guide is absolutely amazing at keeping me clear and focused on a motivational visualization and the power I wanted to embody with Wonder Woman.  

I always use her as a reference with my clients.  This just validated things for me with her as my inspirational icon!

The journal prompt is what I have been using daily.  It helps me pay attention to what my soul needs in order to play.  

I just love this Ritual Guide and have been obsessed with it from day one”!

Amy- Sacred Wellness Practitioner