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Lynne Dominick spent two decades working as a successful corporate executive in the glamorous world of magazine publishing.  There she mentored, managed and mastered the creation of award winning sales teams.  Her resume includes some of the world’s most prestigious titles: Vogue, Allure, ELLE, SELF and InStyle.  


Yet amidst all of the successes, Lynne felt there was something missing in her life. She, like so many of us, had reached a career inflection point. 


She began to listen to her intuitive voice, trusting it would lead her to discover the right path. A path with more fulfillment, more balance, more joy and a life on her terms.

Fueled with that motivation, she left the corporate world and embarked on her own unique Soul Quest: A personal inner journey that led her to discover the transformative power of aligned energies and the catalyst driving this transformation, The Science of Differentiation: The Human Design System.


Through the study and practice of Human Design she began to appreciate the beauty of her own uniqueness.  Unapologetically.  


She realized that one size does not fit all and that years of conditioning by others can leave one vulnerable to living an inauthentic life, rather than one which reflects your beliefs, passions and choices.


It became evident Human Design was a profoundly effective personal expansion tool; a soul fulfillment enabler, able to open doors and unlock potential in all aspects of someone’s life.


She began to conceive of a practice with Human Design at the core.  A practice that would incorporate a variety of energy management tools allowing one to reach the highest expression of themselves.  

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